Copyright Certification

Copyright certification means that through the Maker-IP platform, the creation process and results of works can be completely saved in real time, and the preserved data can be stamped with timestamps while being uploaded to ensure the legality and non-tamperability of the data. In case of infringement, relevant data of the preserved works can be easily extracted from the platform and used as effective evidence for submitting for judicial rights protection. The works can be kept confidential or publicized freely according to users' needs.

Issue the Intellectual Property Electronic Data Preservation Certificate

Issued by: Maker-IP Platform

Beijing Zhongzhi Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd., Electronic Data Judicial Authentication Center of Beijing Network Association

Note: E-Cert 200 yuan/pcSpecial price 0 yuan/piece during the event

Authenticated category

Written Works
It refers to novels, poems, essays, papers and other works expressed in written form.
Oral Works
It refers to works expressed in oral language such as impromptu speeches, lectures and court debates.
Musical Works
It refers to songs, symphonies and other works with or without words that can be sung or performed.
Dramatic Works
It refers to drama, opera, local opera and other works for stage performance.
Chinese Folk Art Form Works
It refers to crosstalk, quick-patter, base drums, storytelling and other performance works with talking and singing as the main form.
Dance Works
It refers to works that express thoughts and feelings through continuous movements, postures, expressions, etc.
Acrobatic Art Works
It refers to acrobatics, magic, circus and other works expressed through body movements and techniques.
Art Works
It refers to plane or three-dimensional plastic art works with aesthetic meaning composed of lines, colors or other forms such as painting, calligraphy and sculpture.
Architectural works
It refers to works of aesthetic significance in the form of buildings or structures.
Photographic Works
It refers to artistic works that record the image of objective objects on photosensitive materials with the aid of instruments.
Film Works
It refers to works that are projected and played on the screen by means of film technology and by mediums of pictures and sound.
Graphic Works
It refers to engineering design drawings and product design drawings drawn for construction and production, as well as maps and schematic diagrams reflecting geographical phenomena and explaining the principle or structure of things.
Model Works
It refers to three-dimensional works made according to a certain proportion based on the shape and structure of an object for display, test or observation purposes.
Computer Software
It refers to computer programs and related documents.
Other Works
It refers to other works stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.
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