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STEP 1 User Registration

1. Maker-IP is open to the public for registration, and individuals or enterprises can register and use accounts on the platform.

2. Home page - free registration, you can enter the registration page, input corresponding information according to the page prompt to complete personal registration. Before submitting the registration information, please read the Maker-IP user Registration Agreement. You can also quickly register by scanning the page two-dimensional code with your mobile phone.

3. After the registration is completed, you can select "Complete Information" to supplement the detailed information. The true and detailed information of the right holder is the guarantee for your subsequent confirmation of ownership. Please fill it in carefully.

4. Users can choose real-name certification of ID card (required if certification of preserved data is required), mobile phone number verification, mailbox binding, and supplement of corresponding information to lay a solid foundation for timely delivery of subsequent platform information.

5. Enterprise user registration: You can enter the registration page, and input the corresponding information according to the prompt on the page to complete enterprise registration. Please read the Maker-IP user Registration Agreement before submitting the registration information.


Real and effective enterprise information shall be filled of and the login can be made only after the approval;

Credit code: fill in the unified social credit code of national organizations;

The enterprise must appoint a unique administrator;

Administrators can manage other employee information in the enterprise on the platform;

Enterprise users need to use both enterprise account and administrator/employee account when logging in.

After the registration of enterprise users is completed, the system administrator will conduct information review. It is expected that the review results will be sent to the registration mailbox within 1-2 working days. If users need certification information urgently, they can call customer service to explain the situation and the platform can make urgent review.

STEP 2 User login

Individual/enterprise users can click home page-login and enter information to log in to the Maker-IP. Enterprise users need to enter both enterprise account and employee account to log in the platform.

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