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Brief Introduction to the Platform

The original certification and protection platform is a project result of "Research and Development of Original Certification and Protection Platform for Intellectual Property Rights Based on Defensive Disclosure" (Subject No.: Y150803). It is a general project of the Academic Committee of the National Intellectual Property Administration for 2015 supported by state-owned budget funds of the Ministry of Finance. Intellectual Property Publishing House is responsible for the specific research and development and implementation of the project, and has already applied for the "Maker-IP" trademark for this platform. The platform is operated by Beijing Zhongzhi Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd. It is a third-party platform for Internet service and operation. Through digital authentication, it can save the creation process and results in real time, solidify and preserve the original works as evidence, form a rigorous evidence chain, and provide electronic evidence for the makers when defending their rights.

At this stage, the most important difficulty in protecting intellectual property rights is the difficulty of obtaining evidence. How to protect the intellectual property rights of original makers before confirming their rights is a common concern in the world. Maker-IP is dedicated to solving this problem. Through the Maker-IP platform, original makers can take active protection strategies to completely record their creation process and results. Once infringement is found, the preserved process and results can be extracted and submitted to the court and patent reexamination board as valid electronic evidence recognized by the judiciary to protect their legitimate rights and interests.