STEP 1 Client downloads

1.The Record module mainly records the creation process of original works. For home page-client download, first download the computer client software to your own computer.

2.Users can download the personal or enterprise version of the client according to their own needs, and they also need to select the corresponding version of the client to download and install according to the installation prompts based on the computer system.

3.After installation, open the shortcut as shown in the following figure, where blue is for enterprise client and red for personal client.

STEP 2 Client Use

1.The user shall open the client and logs in to the client, and can perform recording operations such as screen capture, screen recording and intelligent screen recording. The screen recording includes two types: conventional screen recording and delayed screen recording. The delayed screen recording is similar to the fast-forward screen recording operation and is suitable for long-time creation of operation records. The intelligent screen recording can be selected to record the screen for a certain computer application, or the screen recording will automatically stop when the user does not perform any operation for a long time.

2.The screen recording of the Maker-IP client can achieve recording and storing at the same time, and the original individual film upload mechanism is adopted for data certification and preservation. If you need to check the file upload status, you can click the "Transmission List" in the lower right corner to check.

3.Maker-IP mobile (including Ios and Android) also has the function of shooting by mobile phone camera and uploading for certification at any time.

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