Technological Achievements

Certification of technological achievements means defensive disclosure of patented technology. Defensive disclosure refers to the disclosure of an invention/creation to prevent others from applying for a patent. Its advantage is that it can ensure that no one can obtain the exclusive right of the invention or technology, and meanwhile it also gives everyone the freedom to use, transform and update the invented technology. When conducting defensive disclosure, the more traditional way is to publish it in widely recognized technical magazines or publications that are likely to be reviewed by patent examiners for future patent applications. In the Internet era, there are new channels for disclosure access. The Maker-IP platform uses trusted timestamp technology to realize the solidification of data disclosure time, ensuring its legitimacy and non-tampering. The module can help users achieve the goal of defensive public access in a real-time, convenient and economical manner.

Issue the Intellectual Property Electronic Data Preservation Certificate

Issued by: Maker-IP Platform

Beijing Zhongzhi Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd., Electronic Data Judicial Authentication Center of Beijing Network Association

Note: E-Cert 200 yuan/pcSpecial price 0 yuan/piece during the event

Authenticated category

Defensive disclosure
To disclose an invention to the public in order to prevent others from applying for a patent.
Technological secrets
Technological secrets refer to information, data or knowledge, including product formula, process flow, know-how, design, drawings (including sketches), test data and records, computer programs, etc.
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