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公司运营原创认证平台——“Maker IP”,是鼓励创新、提供防御性公开服务、保护著作权人合法权益的公共服务平台,是为原创著作权人和设计者提供权威、公正、独立服务的第三方平台。其核心功能是:通过数字认证方式,见证创作过程和结果,将原创作品作为证据固化保全,形成严谨的证据链,以作为司法采信的依据。

The originality authentication platform of our company—Original IP, an original idea and operation featuring innovation encouragement, original idea defense and copyright protection, is a third-party platform providing authorized, just and independent service for the original work. The core function is to derive the original work into tangible chain evidence as the reference material of judicial practice through digitization the thorough work process and the result.

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