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Jun 17, 2019
Industrial Design/Daily Necessities

我们发现巡视者的产品使用年限在生活中基本上可以处于1 ~ 2 左右年,在大约3 岁,巡视者将落入废止或在架子婴儿上,这已经导致大的资源浪费;对在研究之后,我们伴随环保的,永远连续的,智能的,用于设计构思的光,设计一体感式巡视者,它可以在其之后被用作巡视者,它实施拆卸预定主要成分,可以被用作平衡车使用,是资源利用最大化的全面利用大大地产品的推广服务生活,现成的材料和组件。设计包括拆卸机制、旋转方式、平衡技术3部分。
APP 应用程序:使用应用程序,你可以远程控制平衡体-感测巡视者,监控你的速度,创建防盗安全警报,检查剩余里程。大多数实用效果之一使用移动电话通过蓝牙远程恰好地到控制平衡体-感测巡视者。另一功能是防盗安全系统。如果试图偷你的平衡,你可以激活防盗报警器并锁定它。

We have found that the service life of the products of perambulator substantially can be in 1 ~ 2 or so year in life, at about 3 years old, perambulator will be fallen into disuse or on the shelf baby, this has resulted in the great wasting of resources; To after study, we are with environmentally friendly, forever continuous, intelligent, light for design concept, devise a human body temperature type perambulator, it can be after being used as perambulator, it carries out disassembling reservation main component, can be used as balance car use, greatly extension service life of the products, ready-made material and component are made full use of, resource utilization is maximized. Design includes disassembling mechanism, rotation mode, balancing technique three parts.
APP application program: using the application program, you can remotely control BALANCE body-sensing perambulator, monitors your speed, creates anti-theft security alarm, checks remaining mileage. One of most practical function is exactly to control BALANCE body-sensing perambulator by bluetooth remote using mobile phone. Another function is antitheft security system. If attempting to steal your BALANCE, you can activate anti-theft alarm and lock it.

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